• Colour:  white-red
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  7cm

Did you know that paper cutouts, characteristic of Polish folk art, are over 150 years old?

Intricate and colorful, they served as one of the most beautiful elements of the festive decoration of rural cottages. To this day, they are a great inspiration for prints, posters and personalized gifts. Artistic Christmas tree baubles, especially those in folk style, very often refer to the rich folk tradition, including folk cutouts. And so, for example, on glass balls, ornamental, figurative or floral decorations with elaborate details are created, symmetrical in relation to the axis.

Here is a set of two glass baubles whose decoration was inspired by folk cutouts. On both baubles we have intricate, full of details stylized red flowers, contrasting with the white background. The decoration was made with shiny, lively glitter. Each flower is additionally decorated with a red glass ruby. We invite you!

16,59 EUR
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