Privacy policy

Privacy policy of ExArte internet store

ExArte internet store (www.szklanebombkichoinkowe.pl) makes every effort to respect your privacy and protection of provided personal information while using the Service and making purchases within the store and to ensure this shall take all necessary measures.

1.       The objectives of adopted Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy regulates the processing of personal data and the collection and use of information about users in the online store www.szklanebombkichoinkowe.pl (hereinafter called: "Service”).

1.1.  Entrusted by the User personal data are processed to the extent necessary only for the purposes of:

-       implementation of submitted by the User orders for products that are in range of the Service, including contact with the User required because of the execution of the order,

-       handling complaints of the User,

-       the refund of payment in the event of withdrawal from the order,

-       contact and answers to questions of the User.


2.       Data collected about users on the site, how it is used, user's privileges.


2.1.  Data collected automatically when you use the Website:

Online shop does not collect any automated data, with the exception of the data contained in s files during the use of the Service.

S files are small text files sent from the online shop and stored on your computer containing certain information related to the use of an online store. The files are used by the online shop to use the Service and to ensure opportunities to provide users with interesting information and during the purchasing process, e.g. in order to store their purchases.

S files used by the online store may be temporary or permanent. Temporary S files are deleted when you close your browser, while permanent files are stored after the end of use of the Service and are used to store information such as a password or login, making it faster and easier to use the Service. In any case, users can block the installation of s files or delete permanent files using the appropriate options of web browser.


2.2.  Data collected during the registration and purchasing:

Online Store collects the following personal information through the Service, and other forms of communication, in the event of purchasing and registration:

-       name,

-       registered address of permanent residence,

-       mailing address, if different from the registered address,

-       e-mail address,

-       phone number.

Providing these data is voluntary but necessary for registration and purchase through the Service.

To place an order user can once, without prior registration and login, fill out the order form giving his contact details. They are processed only for the time necessary to perform the contract and are not made available by the Administrator to third parties, except for persons whose participation is necessary to perform the contract, i.e. courier company. After completing the order data is deleted.


2.3.  The user may at any time, independently and freely edit and delete personal data collected for the needs of the customer account. In order to implement this right, please use the option under your account.


3.       Cookies and how we use them


3.1.          What are "Cookies"?

Through "cookies" must be understood computer data, in particular text files sent by user visited websites and then saved and stored in user's terminal equipment for the use of the websites (laptop, tablet, smartphone). These files allow recognizing user’s device and properly displaying the web page tailored to their individual preferences. "Cookies" contain most frequently name of a website from which they originate, time of their storage on terminal device and a unique number.


3.2.          For what purpose we use "cookies"?

"Cookies" are used to adapt Web content for user preferences and to optimize the use of websites. They are also used to create statistics, with the exception of personal identification of the user that allow improving the structure of your site and its content.


3.3.          The site uses two types of "cookies "

-       permanent "cookies" - files that are on your device for the time specified in the parameters of "cookies" or until they are manually removed by the user,

-       session "cookies" - temporary files that remain on your device until you log off from the website or disable the software (web browser),


3.4.          "Cookies" used by the software service do not store any personal data.


3.5.          Please be aware that reducing the use of "cookies" can affect the operation of some of the functionality available on the website, in particular the ability to make online purchases and correct display of web content.


4.       Safety of personal data

Online Store makes every possible effort to secure users data and protect them from the actions of third parties. Your personal data are stored in a database, which uses technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of the processed data. Access to the database is restricted to guests having the authorization granted by data administrator.

Our actions may prove to be insufficient if the site users themselves do not maintain safety rules. Please keep confidentiality of login and password to your account and not make them available to third parties.

If the user has chosen to set up customer account, for safety we recommend the use of password consisting of a sequence of characters and numbers and different sizes of letters.

User of the Service using a terminal device of a third party should log out of his/her account and delete your browsing history.


5.       Copyright of the Service

Copyright © EXARTE WERONIKA BOGUMIŁ. The content of the site and the domain and site name are protected by law. All graphics, descriptions, articles, scripts and other files making up service on this domain are the property ExArte. Copying and distribution of any content belonging to ExArte, using any printed or electronic form is prohibited unless otherwise agreed with the owner of ExArte service.


6.       Changes to the Privacy Policy

ExArte reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. No changes affect the basic principle: ExArte does not sell or disclose users' personal data to any third party.

Changes to the Privacy Policy will only be made in order to raise standards of protection of privacy policies, or adapt policies to the requirements of the law. Every time User will be informed of the change in the message that displays on the main page.


7.       Contacting the administrator and reporting irregularities

Every customer of ExArte must comply with current Privacy Policy. Notices of any irregularities, comments, requests regarding privacy policy, shall be submitted to the following address: weronika.bogumił@exarte.pl We assure that each application will be considered by us and we shall reply at the e-mail address provided in the notice.