Baubles with natural durable roses

Glass baubles with natural roses are a great and original idea not only for Christmas or Easter decorations. It is also a perfect proposition for a beautiful and meaningful gift for Valentine's Day, Women's Day, Mother's Day, for birthdays, name days and for all other occasions!

Glass baubles with roses in our offer is an unusual item by all means. Cryogenically preserved roses are one hundred percent natural flowers. They respond to our dream so that beautiful cut flowers do not wilt and please the eyes as long as possible. Freshly cut roses undergo a special cryogenic preservation process that keeps the flowers looking completely natural, as if they were cut today – and retain their shape for years. While the so-called Eternal roses retain their fresh appearance for about two years, cryogenic roses last in perfect condition for up to a quarter of a century. They do not require any maintenance, but only keeping the conditions without excessive moisture, without overheating and without direct contact with the sun's rays. Over the years, only slight color discoloration may occur. The transparent bauble surrounding the rose is made of glass with a metal bottom. The bauble can be hung in a traditional way, it can also be placed - thanks to the stand, it will maintain a vertical position.