Egg baubles Faberge style

Egg baubles are one of the most beautiful hand-decorated glass baubles. Their decorations refer to the famous jewelry eggs of the master Faberge. The offer ranges from completely small to large 13cm.

Faberge eggs are world-famous masterpieces of goldsmithery, collected by the biggest rulers in history. They were made by the goldsmith Peter Carl Faberge. Our collection of balls-statues is a tribute to this prominent master. They are also simple ornaments to decorate a Christmas tree in a rich, elegant and extraordinary way. The ExArte offer contains small egg-shaped balls as well as larger models with a diameter of 13 cm. The one thing they have in common is an intricate and meticulous design which you cannot help but admire. We made everything to depict the glamour and artistry of the original Faberge eggs. In this collection, you will find jewellery eggs with rich ornaments as well as more modest and minimalist glass balls. Our handmade glass balls in the shape of an egg will make not only perfect Christmas decorations. You may as well use them for your Easter compositions. We ensure that in this special time your guests will not pass by such inimitable details!