We present to you exceptional glass Christmas baubles.

All our baubles have been created manually by Polish manufacturers. They are ornaments with original patterns, elaborate decorations and beautiful colour schemes. We prepare our collections very carefully, selecting particular ornaments and determining the nuances of decorations, details, colours. Many of the presented ornaments have already won the hearts of customers all around the world through Polish export. Some can be even called international bestsellers or stars of international industry fairs and exhibitions.  A lot of the ornaments are also our original projects, and are thus unique and available only in the ExArte store.

We offer hand-made baubles – their preparation requires great skill and experience.

Traditional handcrafting includes each step of the creation of our ornaments. First, the glassblower forms the shape of the bauble from glass heated to a liquid state. This is how we create balls, icicles, complex shapes, exceptionally difficult large toppers – pointed ornaments for the tops of Christmas trees. They're all made without the use of any mould. However, moulds are used to blow the so-called figurine baubles, all the well-liked snowmen, Santa Clauses, toys, animals, hearts, stars... In the next stage, transparent shells of our baubles are transferred to specialists for silvering and varnishing. This is where baubles are covered with varnishes in a practically unlimited colour range. After obtaining the ideal colour, glass baubles are waiting for probably the most important stage – the application of decorations. The decorators truly devote a lot of time to our decorations! With great attention to details, they paint on the designed patterns and elaborate ornaments and carefully reproduce complex details. The last step is to precisely decorate baubles with glitters, crystals and pearls. Now, the only thing left is to add a cap and a decorative hanger – and the ornaments are ready. Carefully packed Christmas baubles set off on a journey from our store to their new owners.

ExArte Christmas baubles create beautiful, varied collections.

Our collections have been created for all enthusiasts of decorating their home for Christmas. You can find in our store both classic Christmas tree baubles, as well as ornaments inspired by the latest trends. We have vintage Christmas baubles, but also ornaments in very modern forms with minimalistic decorations. We offer both traditional glass Christmas tree baubles shaped like balls, as well as figurine baubles in a very broad selection: apart from classical holiday icons, we offer animals, fish, birds, shells, Christmas trees, desserts, and toys referring to our childhood memories. We would also like to point to the interesting selection of our original abstract forms, such as polyhedrons, ellipsoids and other geometric solids. Our ornaments can be matched to one another in style, colour, shape... and they can create brand-new combinations and brand-new compositions. The ExArte online store packs all these Christmas baubles in beautiful, ecological boxes, which are very safe and perfectly prepared for their journey. Our ornaments reach customers in Poland and abroad without the slightest damage.

Glass Christmas tree baubles have been our passion for many years.

Refined glass ornaments have always constituted an inherent element of Christmas for us. We took great joy in every year expanding our private collections by subsequent small lovely masterpieces. This is a passion worth getting hooked on. We truly encourage you to create original collections of beautiful and original ornaments, interestingly designed and precisely made. Collections created in this way can be enriched each season by subsequent unique glass Christmas baubles. We believe that the moment, when Polish Christmas baubles appear in living spaces incites a lot of true joy. The return to them in the future years will always be a great pleasure.

Thank you for choosing Polish handicraft.