Star baubles

The star baubles are among the oldest and most popular glass Christmas baubles. We offer stars in all sizes, also for decorating the top of the Christmas tree.

Do you know that star-shaped ornaments belong to the oldest and most popular Christmas glass decorations? It is little wonder, as they are a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem, which showed the Three Kings their way to the newly born Jesus. In our offer there are magnificent glass stars in every shape, including stars to be placed on top of the Christmas tree. In our humble opinion, a complete Christmas tree decoration without star-shaped glass ornaments simply does not exist. This unique shape is one of the inseparable symbols of Christmas. If you rely on beautiful and timeless decorations, star-shaped ornaments are a perfect solution. In our store, you will find a rich offer of glass ornaments in various shapes and colours, which refer to the biblical first star. Glitter decorations will brighten each Christmas tree and create a unique ambience for the festive supper. Remember that a beautiful hanging figure in the shape of a star will also prove a charming gift for a loved one.