Figurine baubles

Our glass Christmas figurines are mainly traditional Santa Clauses and snowmen, but also a whole collection of teddy bears, forest animals and colorful birds. We even have ice cream and cakes!

A modern Christmas tree decoration no longer consists of only glass balls. As is the case with interior design, Christmas ornaments are also subject to changing trends. Thus, a modern Christmas tree may surprise, intrigue or even shock you. If you rely on unique Christmas tree decorations, our hanging figures will fulfil your expectations without doubt. Our glass Christmas tree ornaments are first of all Santa Clauses, although there is also a whole collection of bears, forest animals and colourful birds. In ExArte you will also find ornaments in the shape of ice creams and cakes! We ensure that each of you can find something to express your style and unique character. Untypical Christmas tree ornaments will be also a perfect decoration for your festive tables. Or maybe you are looking for a handmade ornament to make a perfect gift for a friend or relative?  In our store you will undoubtedly find something which will enable you to create a unique and personalised gift.