• Colour:  złoty
  • Material:  szkło
  • Shape:  kula
  • Size:  średnica 8cm

We have created for you mini collection of three balls of 8 cm diameter with identical decoration on various backgrounds.

These are the glass Christmas tree baubles, hand-decorated and hand-made. Balls decoration, very innovative and economic, brings an extremely decorative and interesting effect. The decoration is thoroughly abstract but evokes association with universe, nebula lights, stardust ...
The bauble’s background is covered with bright orange-coloured varnish. Then the whole surface of the ornament has been covered with tiny glass beads of weight of salt. It creates on the surface incredible layer - the ball look like covered with thin ice. The whole decoration is enriched additionally with shining crystal diamonds, scattered evenly on the whole ornament.
Moreover, we offer “Stardust” balls with black and silver background.

9,51 EUR
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