• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  icicle
  • Size:  5,5cm x 3,5 cm

A glimmer, that is small flame of fire, evokes a lot of associations.

In ancient beliefs and legends these glimmers - light coming from dwarfs’ lamps, was showing the way to treasure. Glimmers also personified immortal creatures and were trailing over bogs. However, these may be just playful and cheerful sparks - and to these ones our glass Christmas tree baubles refer to.
We have prepared glimmers figures baubles in three-piece sets. Each set includes decorations in three colours: gold, silver and dark red - all with metallic gloss. The surface of the decorations has been covered with delicate glass beads - it gives a very interesting effect, the bauble looks like covered with additional glaze.
The glimmers baubles may serve as supplementation of other Christmas decor, but they are so unique that will perfectly work as independent decoration.

11,95 EUR
Only few pieces remained.