• Colour:  black-gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  diameter 8cm

It is said that when we leave dust only, once extracted gold will last forever.

This precious metal has been accompanying mankind for thousands of years - the ancient Egypt civilization was impressed by it as the first one. Until today gold has had great value, significance and usage - also as the symbolic value. It has invariably since the dawn of its history been present in decorations, ornaments and decor.
Hand-decorated glass baubles love gold, too - following the red, it is the second most popular colour. But the balls presented here - Christmas tree baubles use this splendid colour in a discreet - and simultaneously unique - way. The bauble’s background is beautiful and deep black slightly shining. The decoration performed with glitter is focused on the middle part of the ornament. These are geometrical elements - cubes filled with gold and silver rectangles. They are tied with very thin lines leading to the crown cap and to the bottom of the ball on the other side. The decoration is very balanced, economic and modest on its own way. However, the minimum means has given the effect of beautiful elegance and undeniable decorativeness.

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