• Colour:  white
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  10cm

Do you know how a reflector is made in a glass bauble?

Well, when the glass blower forms a glass ball over the burner, and the glass is still very hot and malleable, he presses the wall of the ball inside with a special piston. This is how this decorative recess with decorative grooved edges is created. Yes, it takes real craftsmanship!

Once upon a time, baubles with reflectors were extremely popular. Today we recall them as part of nostalgic memories. But only the shape is retro, because the decoration of the baubles draws from the best patterns of contemporary design. Please take a look at the white bauble with a reflector presented here. The decoration includes delicate, stylized plant ornaments made of white and silver glitter. Numerous glass diamonds add additional shine - around the reflector and between the floral patterns. The entire bauble is thoroughly winter - its colors refer to snow, frost and icicles.

16,10 EUR
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