• Colour:  silver
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  egg
  • Size:  13cm

White baubles and silver baubles have always been very popular.

No wonder! Nothing conveys the wintry aura of Christmas like snowy or silvery glittering decorations.

We would like to present a glass bauble – an egg – that fits into this very winter and frosty trend. The delicate background of our egg is iridescent white, falling into a silvery hue.  The decoration, named Diamantine, actually repeats the rhomboid shape of the diamond many times. There are both large rhomboids made with graphite glitter, tiny rhomboidal eyes of silver net, and rhomboidal shimmering large glass diamonds. Round pearls at the intersections of the rhomboids, on the other hand, add sparkling white to the whole.

This truly wintry, yet very elegant bauble is sure to stand out on your Christmas tree. Enjoy!

16,83 EUR
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