• Colour:  white
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  10cm x 5,5cm x 5,5cm

We would like to introduce to you our glass ornament in the shape of a swan. In this case, we tried to depict the unique beauty of this magnificent bird, its majesty and grace in as many details as possible. The inspiration for our bauble is white swan, which has been a symbol of beauty and light as well as nobility, wisdom and excellence in our culture for ages.

Our ornament is white with a glistening shine made by fine iris glitter which covers the surface. The only expressive element is the dark orange beak with black spots on both sides of it. Our bird was captured in motion as it was floating majestically on water. Please take notice of the characteristic s-shaped neck and the beautiful architecture of the swan’s wings which look like sails stretching above its body.

We encourage you to buy this ornament. It will make a beautiful crowning of both spring and winter decorations.

18,29 EUR
Only few pieces remained.