• Dimensions:  19cm x 22cm
  • Colour:  silver
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  Tree topper / star
  • Size:  19cm x 22cm

The presented glass bauble is a gorgeous hand-decorated star.

Its primary purpose is to adorn the top of the Christmas tree but thanks to its stability, it can also be used in other Christmas decorations or wreaths.

The background of this Christmas bauble comprises of fine sparkling silver glitter. Central ornaments have been created by combining petal glitter and silver beads, and are very original and distinctive. Its relief convexity adds spatiality to the entire decoration.

Traditional Christmas stars, above all, are golden – our store offers you such Christmas baubles as well. But this time, we also thought about more sophisticated ornaments in colder colours that go well with our silver star. Let's imagine a Christmas tree with ornaments that only consist of silver Christmas baubles, not only balls and eggs but also silver and silver-grey Christmas bauble statues - like those from our collection called Frost Covered. In addition, let us use Christmas lamps with white cool light and we achieve a stunning effect of gleaming silvery winter.

48,54 EUR
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