• Colour:  silver
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  star
  • Size:  7cm x 7cm

Snowflake Christmas baubles offered by our store come in various versions.

There are golden snowflake Christmas baubles matching ornaments in warm colours, snowflakes in traditional red and green colour scheme and snowflakes in the navy blue colour of the night sky.

Here, however, we would like to present to you the snowflake Christmas baubles in a truly winter edition. The dominant colour of this ornament is silver, in various shades. The surface of the bauble has been covered with silver varnish with metallic finish. Ornamental details have been made using flickering silver glitter with additional beautiful graphite elements. Edges and rims of the snowflake are covered with small transparent beads adding lightness and frosting effect to these parts. But the most important decorative element here are the numerous glass diamonds, each contoured with graphite glitter. They are the reason for those exact Christmas baubles to radiate such beautiful glow. Just as snowflakes made from silver snow.

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