• Colour:  silver-grey
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  6cm x 8cm

Christmas figurine baubles very often take on the form of the favourite and popular animals.

This category certainly includes hedgehogs. After all, they inspire so much affection with their cute appearance and original spiky weaponry, they impress with their defensive tactics of curling into a prickly ball, they intrigue with their mysterious nightlife. For years, they appeared as protagonists in movies, fairy-tales, and poems. That's why the Christmas tree also cannot be seen without them!

Our hedgehog glass baubles are affixed to metal clips – thus, each hedgehog can sit down at any spot within the thicket of branches of a Christmas tree or a centrepiece. The elongated snout of the animal was painted with a dark brown-steel varnish with metallic gloss. In turn, the hedgehog's spines use an entire blaze of shades, from graphite to silver, with glinting spots of blue tones. It is the main decoration of this bauble, made of glitters with different particle sizes: coarse, spherical, powder.
Our Christmas hedgehog is waiting for its night visit in your homes!

11,95 EUR
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