• Colour:  red
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  10cm

The glass Christmas bauble presented here, a 10 cm ball, comes from our In Red collection.

This bauble, like the entire collection, takes us to the world of Christmas decorations made in this most popular Christmas color.

The deep, matte red background of the bauble contrasts wonderfully with gold accents, creating a composition full of elegance and splendor. Delicate, golden rhombuses and intricately decorated twigs emanate a festive glow, reflecting the light of Christmas tree lights and creating a unique effect. This hand-decorated bauble is made with great attention to detail and is enriched with numerous transparent stones that add unique charm and elegance to it.

It is not just a Christmas tree decoration, it is an expression of craftsmanship and tradition, the value of which can be appreciated during the beautiful holiday season.

20,73 EUR
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