• Colour:  czerwony
  • Material:  szkło
  • Shape:  jajko
  • Size:  13cm x 8cm

Red and gold – this colour combination in Christmas tree baubles is by far the most popular.

After all, they are the leading colours of Christmas decorations! We offer a great variety of red baubles in the scope of the In Red collection. We decorate them primarily with gold colour and illuminate them with glass diamonds.

The egg Christmas bauble presented here is a perfect example of an ornament from our aforementioned collection. The background of the bauble stands out in a beautiful, vibrant and shiny red. It is contrasted by a golden decoration: wide golden stripes and stylised acacia branches with leaves edged with gold glitter. Numerous glass stones, such as red rubies and transparent diamonds add great beauty and splendour to our bauble.

Our acacia egg has all the qualities that characterise the best Polish baubles: beautiful design, handmade and excellent quality. Please check our offer!

19,27 EUR
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