• Colour:  red
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  egg
  • Size:  13cm x 8cm

Red and gold glass baubles form a peculiar canon in Christmas decorations.

These colours have been most strongly associated with winter holidays for decades. That is why red, gold or red-gold Christmas tree baubles are the leading decoration of Christmas trees, Christmas centrepieces and garlands.

Hand-painted glass baubles which we would like to present here are have additional decorative values. First of all, the shape of our bauble deserves attention – it is an elegant, large egg, immediately bringing to mind the jewelled eggs of the famous Peter Carl Faberge. The decoration of our bauble is also beautiful – an intricate composition of intersecting golden circles, arabesque ornament and stylized flowers. Golden pearls and red glass rubies add a touch of glamour.

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