• Colour:  red-gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  egg
  • Size:  13cm x 8cm

Red, gold and shiny crystals - this combination is the quintessence of the most exquisite and elegant Christmas decorations.

Egg glass baubles presented here perfectly capture all these features, both in terms of color selection and designed decoration.
The background of our bauble is beautiful, deep red - truly royal. The background is translucent, which also creates the impression of extraordinary lightness of the entire ornament. The decoration is also royal: rich ornaments, made with golden varnish and golden glitter, symmetrically surround the bauble. A gold-red duo breaks the white of shiny crystals. The largest of them, looking like beautifully cut diamonds, decorate the central part of the decoration. In turn, tiny round stones were formed into thin vertical lines framing gold ornamentation. The whole is elegant and composed with real class.

16,83 EUR
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