• Colour:  red
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  heart
  • Size:  7cm x 5cm

In the European culture and folklore, the stylised shape of a red heart is clearly interpreted as a symbol of love, passion and strong feelings.

Christmas baubles shaped like hearts also carry these beautiful meanings. That is why baubles symbolising our best feelings have become so popular and well-liked in the Christmas period.
Our glass heart is covered with beautiful crimson varnish. The asymmetric decoration of the bauble is very original and innovative. The dominant ornaments are dynamic golden volutes, made using a relief with golden glitter and framed with convex glittery white dots. The decoration is complemented by fine and delicate lines made of alternating silver glitter and transparent globules. This creates a very interesting effect in terms of colour, which contrasts with the combination of distinct gold, white and red in the main part of the decoration.

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