• Colour:  silver and blue
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  19cm x 13cm x 10xm

Here is a glass Christmas bauble by all means excellent! It is distinguished by both its size (it is almost 20 cm high) and its unusual dynamic form and intricate decoration.

Our glass Blue Angel, because it is him we present here, definitely deserves closer attention. The color of the bauble is very subtle: blue tones of robes predominate, brightened by the whiteness of large wings and a decorative sash held by an angel in his hands. The robes are arranged in dynamic draperies and folds, as if an angel was captured in motion. Numerous glass diamonds glisten on the edges of the dress. The wings sparkle with iris glitter. In turn, the delicate face of an angel has been rendered realistically with the smallest details.
Let's add that the bauble itself is extremely difficult to make. It consists of several forms separately blown and then joined together, and the decoration requires real mastery. This unusual and beautiful Christmas bauble will be perfect for decorating your own interior, as well as for a wonderful meaningful gift.

55,85 EUR
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