• Colour:  navy blue-gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  10cm

Dark blue color combined with gold is a wonderful, rich and very elegant combination.

The ExArte store has many editions of navy blue and gold baubles - round baubles, Faberge style eggs, and even small hearts. We invite you to pay attention to them!

Here we present a round bauble with the most popular diameter of 10 cm. The beautiful, saturated navy blue background with a deep color is translucent. Thanks to this, the light of Christmas tree lights shines through the bauble, enhancing the decorative effect. The decoration is golden, made of four types of materials. It is a golden paint that emphasizes the shapes of the ornaments, and also creates a kind of chain in the middle of the bauble. Then it is a bright golden glitter forming a fine network in the decoration. In turn, copper glitter frames elements painted with gold paint. Another decoration is numerous golden pearls, which look like decorative studs.

The navy blue and gold composition is broken by large round glass diamonds. With their white glow, they bring out a cool shine in the middle of the bauble. The whole is distinguished by elegance and decorativeness.

16,83 EUR
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