• Colour:  złoty
  • Material:  szkło
  • Shape:  kula
  • Size:  10cm

Round bauble with a spotlight – a real rarity for lovers of vintage style.

 Such baubles once reigned supreme on all Christmas trees, reflecting the candlelight beautifully in their grooved concavities. The golden colour also refers back to the oldest traditions of Christmas tree decoration. But there is also a slight hint of today's decorating trends – this is, of course, the use of numerous white pearls in the decoration, giving the bauble an unusual sparkle.

The decoration of our spotlight bauble is double-sided. On the front, we have a beautiful grooved spotlight, covered in gold glitter. It is surrounded by an intricate gold glitter web, looking like a strip of delicate lace decorated with pearls. In contrast, the back of the bauble has a floral decoration. Golden brocade branches meander picturesquely from the underside up to the ball cap. They too have been decorated with white pearls.

Our pearl-gold sphere with a spotlight is a wonderful example of handmade baubles. Only such elaborate baubles are offered to you by the ExArte online shop!

16,10 EUR
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