• Colour:  złoty
  • Material:  szkło
  • Shape:  jajko
  • Size:  7cm x 5cm

Our Christmas bauble gold heart, which we would like to present here, looks like a precious jewel.

If this heart were not made of glass, but of another precious material, it could successfully be used as a chain pendant or brooch. No wonder, as it was the jewellery that served as our inspiration for the design of this Christmas bauble.

We encourage you to take note of the colour scheme and the heart decoration itself. The background of the bauble is created by a wonderful mosaic of golden tones and shades. Here we have the gold of matt lacquer, the shimmering gold of glossy lacquer, the metallic sheen of gold paint and, finally, the shimmer of gold glitter. The part of the decoration was covered with tiny gold balls, giving the effect of frosted gold in turn.

The asymmetrical decoration is very delicate. What stands out in it are the shiny white pearls, which add variety and light to the whole decoration.

It is tempting to use our hand-decorated bauble ─ golden heart as a symbolic gift for a loved one!

8,78 EUR
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