• Colour:  white-gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  10cm

Musical instruments are a whole separate category in the world of glass baubles.

Very popular are figurine baubles of guitars, violins, drums, trumpets, flutes, saxophones or pianos, both to decorate your own Christmas tree and as gifts.

We attempted to reproduce the king of instruments, the grand piano, in glass. This is a very difficult shape to blow up. For this purpose, we made several metal moulds for the individual parts of the instrument, which were glued together at the end. A real masterpiece among Christmas baubles!

Our grand piano is entirely covered in white lacquer, only the legs have been additionally decorated with glitter. The decoration of the bauble is relatively sparse, made with gold glitter and additionally enriched with gold pearls. Please also note how intricately the miniature keys and notes have been painted. Enjoy!

41,22 EUR
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