• Colour:  silver-gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  8cm

Royal insignia such as crowns, orbs or scepters are wonderful inspirations for glass baubles.

Wonderful, but difficult at the same time. You have to get the shape right, so you first have to create a special mould that will be used to blow the baubles. Many specialists are already involved in this preliminary process. Then we work on the decoration, taking inspiration from the actual regalia. We also have to think carefully about which decorative materials will best reflect the splendour and richness of the chosen insignia. And finally ─ the hard work of the decorators, who apply intricate decorations and complex details to the bauble.

We have here for you a Christmas bauble truly full of splendour ─ a white and gold crown. Please note the intricate decoration made with gold lacquer and gold glitter. All the details are edged with tiny gold balls in two sizes. Numerous glass diamonds and glass pearls add glamour to the decoration.  The whole is full of royal splendour!

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