• Colour:  navy blue-gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  diameter 10cm

If you are looking for a glass bauble which is distinguished by class and elegance, then the ball bauble presented here should certainly be taken into consideration.

Its unique asset is a distinguished and at the same time expressive colouring as well as a beautiful and balanced decoration.

The combination of a dark navy background and gold decoration is commonly used with regard to glass Christmas tree baubles. It forms a great basis for creating glamour or traditional decoration, the so-called royal decorations. In the case of the bauble presented here we have yet another style of decoration. The composition itself is based on a classic division into symmetrical parts, with two main ornaments which pass each other in a chequered way and form mirror reflections of each other. The means used for the decoration are very limited – just gold paint in the dividing lines and plant ornaments and a touch of silver glitter in the background. The decoration of the bauble, however, is lively and bright, mainly thanks to numerous diamond crystals and shiny sequins in the details.

18,05 EUR
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