• Colour:  sky-blue
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  7cm x 7cm x 12cm

Who does not have memories or at least associations with a car that has been manufactured for the longest period of time and the most frequently throughout the entire history of automotive industry?

Of course, we are recalling the memory of Volkswagen, also known as Volkswagen Beetle. Sixty-five years of production and over twenty and a half million manufactured cars – no wonder Christmas balls modelled on the Beetle are part of our Vintage collection!

Our glass cars create Christmas balls full of charm and sentiment. The azure background made with glistening opaque varnish refers to the identical blue colour used for the actual Beetle from among its wide range of colors. Please note the details of our Christmas ball  glittery silver framing of windows and doors or silver wipers and of course lights made with glass stones. These are sparkling diamonds at the front and red rubies as lights at the back.

Beautifully designed and carefully made car glass balls, apart from adorning your Christmas tree, will also be a perfect idea for a nice Christmas gift.

13,66 EUR
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