• Colour:  gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  11cm x 7cm

The popular Christmas traditions include a beautiful and tasty custom of preparing fruit covered in frosting.

These are most often pears covered in white or coloured glaze. Next to the blissful apples and orange stuffed with cloves, they are a magnificent Christmas decoration.

Our glass Christmas baubles gladly refer to any customs and traditions. And everything that's related to Christmas is certainly an inspiration for their projects. Hence, even the Christmas fruit find their reflection among glass ornaments.

The presented Christmas baubles in the shape of pears stand out thanks to their beautiful uniform colour scheme. The background of this bauble was made with dark gold varnish with a metallic gleam to it, with darker glaze applied. Tiny golden beads frame the contours of the leaf. But the true decorative mastery is our glaze streaming down from the cap. Here, we have golden beads in several sizes, shale spatial golden glitter, glass transparent beads and finally sparkling diamonds. Everything creates a consistent sophisticated decoration.

Our baubles in the shape of pears are incredibly decorative, and thanks to a noble colour scheme – also very elegant.

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