• Colour:  ivory gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  bird
  • Size:  9CM AND TAIL 14CM

Glass statue Christmas balls - birds on a clip used to pin the statue to the Christmas tree branches are a very popular ornament with a truly long tradition.

The oldest Christmas balls made in the 19th century in German Thuringia in Lausch, among many other designs, used glass birds in many shapes and sizes. They were very different from today's decorations – the bird's tail was a bundle of glass fiber, and the bird was attached to the clip with a tiny spring. After attaching it to the branch, the bird would teeter and wobble with each movement. This model, however, gained so much popularity that even today, the clip-on birds are produced by practically every Christmas ball factory.

Our bird Christmas balls stand out thanks to their delicate pastel colour scheme. The background was made using champagne sparkling varnish, beautifully composed with ornaments in light gold and subdued pink. The beauty of our bird is additionally emphasized by an impressive tail made with real lush ostrich feathers. Wonderful decoration for both winter and spring arrangements.

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