• Colour:  gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  bird
  • Size:  10cm x 7cm

Christmas balls in the shape of owls and little owls are incredibly popular and sought after. Without hesitation we may say that fashion does not pass in their case!

Here, we present little owl Christmas balls in medium size being part of our Vintage collection. The colour scheme of little owl balls fits into the leading line of this collection - it is a noble shade of dark gold with an amber gleam to it. The entire background has been additionally sprinkled with tiny glass beads creating the effect of fluffiness and spatiality. Ornamental details emphasize the bulging relief lines made with gold glitter. And typical owl eyes were created using white glitter and gleaming brown crystals.

Little owl balls are charming and incredibly decorative. Our store ExArte has prepared these birds for you in several different collections: we have golden, silver and white owls, as well as owls with ornaments as close to nature as possible. Hanging and clip-on, big and quite small. They are suitable for every holiday arrangement.

15,85 EUR
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