• Colour:  navy blue-gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  13m x 8cm

We would like to present to you one of our most elegant ornaments.

This hand-decorated glass Christmas bauble with fine ornaments and made in a stunning and elegant colour scheme.

The shape of this ornament alone shows its originality. It's an elongated, vertical ellipsoid – this year's novelty.  Christmas baubles in this shape are an alternative to ornaments in the shape of Faberge eggs or icicles. They stand out thanks to their regularity and axiality of the whole body which, in this case, allows for symmetrical and even spreading of the decoration.

Our ellipsoid baubles are kept in navy blue and gold colour scheme. The background is semi-transparent, saturated and glittery. It contrasts beautifully with the ornaments – golden grid with oval eyes made with glitter of two different shades of gold. Every eye of the grid is adorned with a glass diamond, such a composition creates an incomparable effect of a diamond glow.

We encourage you to learn about our second ellipsoid, this time a horizontal one. It's a black and gold bauble from the Night Lights collection, called the Diamond Ribbon. Together, they form an extraordinary and original pair.

19,27 EUR
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