• Colour:  gold-silver
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  diameter 10cm

Christmas baubles very often refer in their decorations to famous motives or emblems.

One of such motives is certainly Fleur-de-lis, associated mostly with the French monarchy or contemporary France or Canada. But stylised lily – also called fleur-de-lis – is also a symbol of scouting organizations, is present in knight's heraldry and adorns the coats of arms of many European cities.

Our glass baubles with the lily motif were made in elegant gold and silver colour scheme. The shiny background is bright gold, and the bauble's ornaments are mostly silver. The silver colour scheme includes lilies that are expressive and big, and styled start-snowflake placed in the side sections of the decoration. Gold glitter framing adds warmth to the whole decoration, and the rhomboid crystals create shine.

The noble ornaments and beautiful subdued colors are certainly the main qualities of this Christmas bauble. Another advantage is its unquestionable universality – it's ideal for decorations in various styles.

18,29 EUR
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