• Colour:  gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  bird
  • Size:  8cm x 4cm

Glass baubles – The golden owl is our Christmas beauty.

It tilts its shapely head gently, with amazing grace and, slightly turned to the side, presents its beautiful decorations. The colour scheme of the owl is very neutral – shades of dark, subdued gold, very refined in nature. The surface of the bauble is covered in tiny glass globules – this creates an additional effect of structural three-dimensionality. The decoration at the front of the owl and on its head - in the form of a rhomboid chequered pattern – was made using a delicate convex relief of golden glitter. Crossings of the relief lines are emphasised by small golden pearls. In turn, feathers on wings and on the head were created from small golden globules. The eyes of our owl are also beautiful - made of golden stones.
Owls are truly beloved ornaments. Such Christmas baubles are offered by ExArte in several types. The owl presented here is distinguished by one more thing: it's affixed to the so-called clip, so it can be fastened to Christmas tree branches or other elements of Christmas decorations.

11,22 EUR
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