• Colour:  silver-gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  heart
  • Size:  14cm x 12cm

Gold, silver – and, of course, platinum.

The three precious metals, most often used in jewellery-making. Out of the three ores, platinum is the rarest, has the greatest strength, and does not lose its shine and colour over the years - it is merely covered by noble patina. No wonder that the term "platinum" means something that's the best!
Our Christmas tree baubles – hearts refer to the expensive platinum in their delicate background in a light champagne colour. The decoration of the hearts can be safely also called platinum, since it's so refined and beautiful. The clear background of the bauble is contrasted by diagonal, criss-crossing lines of golden varnish and golden glitter. Every crossing point was emphasised by a rhomboidal crystal. The main decorations are plant ornaments in the upper and lower parts of the bauble, with dominant glass diamonds. The originality of the composition and the perfectly balanced proportions of the decoration create an elegant and subdued whole.
Polish Christmas baubles use the motif of hearts very often. They are magnificent ornaments, with both an artistic value, as well as significant symbolism.

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