• Colour:  silver-gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  9,5cm x 7cm

Who haven't had the pleasure to take a joyful, dizzying carousel ride!

We would like to remind you a very classic carousel, with wooden horses and swans, creaking in tempo with the slow rotations of the platform and playing mechanical music... In short, a true vintage carousel!
Our glass Christmas baubles – carousels were designed and made with great reverence and heart. On the platform, decorated with diamonds, the carousel seats wait for the passengers: a car and a motorcycle, as well as a horse and a huge swan - all decorated with glitters and crystals. A magnificent carousel roof extends above them, with golden decorations emphasised by glass diamonds. Additionally, it is ornamented by a suspended, draped garland of golden varnish and golden beads. We would also like to point out the beautiful background of the bauble, covered with tiny transparent globules, giving the effect of three-dimensionality and air.
Our vintage baubles are kept in a uniform, subdued colour scheme of golden and silver tones. These colours, enriched by copper accents, also dominate in the decoration of "The Carousel of Dreams".

24,15 EUR
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