• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  15cm x 9cm x 7cm

Here is one of the most frequently bought and most popular glass baubles of figurines - it is of course the figure of Santa Claus. In our ExArte online store, we can boast of a whole collection of such Christmas tree baubles, much appreciated by you.

Santa presented here is distinguished by a beautiful gold, red and white color scheme. These three colors have been arranged in a masterly way in the decoration of the bauble. And so we have three types of the same red: it's a shiny festive red robe, a matte deep red coat and a glittery one on the gloves. The golden color, on the other hand, shines with a shimmering glow in the details of the robe's decorations, especially on the adorned wide belt with which Santa is tied. The contrast is the shimmering gold color of the glitter decoration on the gift suck. Gold also appears in the glass stones decorating the edges of the coat.
The white color is primarily the fur around the Santa's outfit. Please note the wonderful needle-like white brocade that creates the impression of a real fluffiness of the hem.
Santas are beautiful, traditional Christmas baubles. It's worth having them on your Christmas tree!

37,80 EUR
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