• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  16cm x 8cm x 4cm

Today it's hard to believe that in the past the entire Christmas trees were illuminated by the light of real burning candles.

It must have looked beautiful.... Today, this charm cannot be recreated but we can add some nostalgic charm to the Christmas tree by attaching glass candle baubles to the branches.

Certainly, the Christmas tree bauble ─ candle presented here will fulfil such a task perfectly. It is intricately hand-decorated and has a beautiful Christmas colour scheme. The decoration is dominated by the golden metallic colour of the candle holder and the bright, shiny golden colour of the flame. The candle itself is white with flowing brocade stearin. The candle is decorated with a delicate bronze branch full of red crystal fruit. The candle itself also has decoration. It is a green wreath around the candle also decorated with glass fruits. The decoration is further illuminated by subtle lines of gold glitter  ─  on the branch and on the candlestick.

Our candle is a Christmas bauble with a clip attached on the underside. It can be attached to a Christmas tree branch or other Christmas decorations.

19,27 EUR
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