• Colour:  red-green
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  19cm

In front of you there is a glass Christmas tree bauble referring to the most traditional, long known and popular Christmas ornaments.

Firstly, it is a handmade glass bauble designed to decorate a Christmas tree. Secondly, the very image of the nutcracker also refers to deep traditions. This 19th century literary character, made famous by Peter Tchaikovsky's magnificent ballet and later by numerous film adaptations, is already inextricably linked with Christmas. And thirdly, the bauble was made in classic, almost canonical Christmas colours. These are, of course, red, gold and green.

Our nutcracker is a soldier, exactly as tradition dictates. His uniform is distinguished by its beautiful red colour. The front of the uniform is decorated with a delicate pattern, like embossing on velvet. It is further enlivened by gold tassels from the epaulettes and green epaulettes. Numerous glass stones, red and gold, add splendour to the decoration of the uniform and cap. At his belt the nutcracker is carrying a shiny gold sabre. It's hard not to take notice of such an adorned bauble!

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