• Colour:  red-green
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  11cm

The Christmas wreath, usually hung on the front door, welcomes Christmas guests.

Our wreath is very different, because it can be hung not on the door, but on the Christmas tree! But it is also sure to please your guests. After all, this is our next beautiful and elaborate glass bauble for the Christmas tree.

The decoration of this ornament closely follows its original. The structure of conifer twigs is imitated by the dark green lacquer that covers the background of the bauble. This is contrasted by the woven golden leaves framed by gold glitter. We also have baubles decorating the wreath itself ─ these are shiny larger and smaller red balls. The decoration is further enhanced by numerous golden mini balls. The wreath is dominated by an expressive red bow with gold brocade edges. In turn, the whole is wrapped with a delicate textile ribbon, also in red.

Our wreath is a very decorative ornament. Thanks to its large size it can be used as an independent decoration, for example as a bauble on a stand or a decoration hung in the window.

38,78 EUR
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