• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  Santa
  • Size:  16cm x 9cm

Santas are by far the most popular figurine baubles.

They symbolize everything that is most important on Christmas holidays: meeting loved ones, a shared meal, the joy of mutual gift giving. Santa with a episcopal pastor, Santa in a sleigh, Santa with gifts or a Christmas tree - we all know such Christmas tree baubles and we always enjoy them. Here, however, we want to present the character of Santa in a slightly different approach, maybe not so seriously. Here is our dignified saint, literally overrun by unruly teddy bears. Buried in the pockets of Santa's coat, adhered to his arms and hands, you can see that they want to reach their intended children in the first instance. But our Santa only enjoys it - it shows his benevolent smile and warm look from above the glasses.
Like all ExArte decorations, the Santas offered here present the best hand-decorated glass baubles. Each element of the decoration was made in a different way. The teddy bears were covered with a colorful flock, so they are fluffy like real plush toys. Light flake glitter perfectly imitates the white fur in trim of Santa's costume. In turn, the ribbon ornament made of gold glitter looks like intricate decorative embroidery. Welcome!

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