• Dimensions:  42cm x 10cm
  • Colour:  white-red
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  tree topper
  • Size:  42cm x 10cm

Topper baubles decorating tops of Christmas trees are an important element tying the entire Christmas decoration together.

Toppers are usually chosen and matched to the colour dominant on the Christmas tree. They can also be a colouristic contrast or emphasise the colour that is sparse on the Christmas tree.

Here, we would like to present a glass Christmas tree topper that can be safely called the essence of timeless classics. As a result, it beautifully matches most ornamental styles.

Its classic character lies both in the colour palette and in the topper's decoration. An equally important place is occupied by two colours of the background of this bauble: the traditional Christmas red and the frosty white, obtained thanks to the use of a special crystallising varnish. The decoration is golden – it consists of a delicate network on white sections and decorative embellishments made of gold globules on a red background. The whole thing is supplemented by shiny glass diamonds.

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