• Colour:  royal blue
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  egg
  • Size:  11cm x 6,5cm

The colour blue in various shades fits glass Christmas baubles very well. It belongs to the most popular Christmas colours, right after red and gold.

Our egg-shaped glass baubles that we would like to present here have a truly beautiful colour palette. The background of the bauble is in a deep, intense sapphire colour – probably the most wonderful out of all blue shades. The name originates, of course, from the rare, very sought-after and highly valued gemstone. Sapphires used in jewellery-making were used to make only the most expensive jewellery.

Our egg-shaped Christmas tree bauble also looks very grand. Gold embellishments, made of varnishes and glitter, cover the ornament's surface evenly. Semi-circular petals dominating the ornament are covered by convex gold globules. This gives the impression of three-dimensionality and distinctness of the ornament. The whole decoration is complemented by beautifully shimmering, translucent crystals.

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