• Colour:  red
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  10cm

Here is a really unusual, original and unprecedented bauble!

Here is a glass transparent ball with a gorgeous blooming rose inside. Isn't it a unique idea? It is worth getting to know the history of such an unusual decoration, especially that our roses have come a really long way to you. They grew at an altitude of almost three thousand meters in Ecuador. Immediately after cutting, the Dutch company RoseAmor subjected them to a cryogenic stabilization process - first by freezing the roses at minus 50 degrees, then by gradually warming the flowers placed in a vacuum. A rose preserved in this way retains a beautiful, fresh appearance for years, even a quarter of a century! In the next step, glass bauble specialists fixed the roses on metal stands and closed them with transparent, light glass baubles. You can hang them, you can put them up. You can decorate the Christmas tree with them, or you can give them as a gift on various occasions.
Cryogenic roses in baubles do not require any maintenance.
The only thing you need to remember is to avoid contact with moisture and direct sunlight. The best temperature for our roses is between 10-20 degrees. And this is enough for our roses in baubles to please the eyes for many, many years. We invite you!

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