• Colour:  gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  15,5cm x 9cm

Angels are inseparably associated with Christmas.

For decades, angels have been appearing in Christmas illustrations, on pictures, on cards with well-wishes, and, of course, on all types of Christmas decorations. We encounter angels made of various materials – porcelain, wood, paper, metal… But for us, the most beautiful are, of course, those that so magnificently decorate Christmas trees. Namely, angels – glass Christmas baubles.
We present to you Christmas tree baubles – angels, standing out with their unique colour scheme. The dominant hue is the precious dark gold, present in all materials used for the decoration of this bauble. The edges of matte golden garments are decorated with shiny trimmings made of flaky glitter. The bottom of the dress, decorated with delicate ornaments, is additionally brightened by diamond-shaped crystals. We would like to also point out the decoration of the magnificent angel wings: their inner side is covered in tiny glass globules, and their edges are decorated in diamonds.
Our angel looks as if it's just flown in from the sky – its robes are still windblown. He's bringing us a gift of a beautiful dark-green Christmas tree.

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