• Colour:  wielokolorowy
  • Material:  szkło
  • Shape:  jajko
  • Size:  13cm x 8cm

We present a Christmas bauble with exceptionally original colours and beautiful decoration.

This bauble is in the shape of an egg which immediately brings to mind the rich decorations of the so-called Faberge style, modelled on Tsarist jewellery eggs. Our egg, decorated with meticulous decoration, shimmering glitter and glass crystals fits perfectly into this style.

The colour scheme of the bauble presented here deserves special attention. Here we have three equivalent colours: the purple of the background and the green and silver in the decoration. They all come together in an extremely sophisticated composition. Silver and green make a really well-matched pair. This is particularly evident in the title ribbons where one colour flows seamlessly into the other.

If you are looking for a distinctive bauble for your Christmas tree or perhaps an elegant Christmas gift, or a stand-alone Christmas table decoration – a bauble on a stand, then our egg with silver ribbons is sure to be a good choice.

19,27 EUR
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