• Colour:  turquoise-gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  8cm

In our Peacock Colors collection, Christmas baubles are distinguished by wonderful, intense colors of precious stones.

Here we would like to present you a beautiful combination of deep dark turquoise and shiny amber.

Symmetry and repeatability of the pattern - these are the main compositional principles of decorating our turquoise Christmas tree bauble. Its surface is divided by golden stripes into six equal vertical sections. In each section, an amber brocade twig, decorated with a golden pearl and two glass ambers, flows down from the cap downwards. Please also pay attention to carefully thought-out details in the decoration of the baubles, such as golden glitter dots or a shiny turquoise shadow around the twigs.

We invite! Turquoise baubles are a beautiful and invigorating variety of all decorations.

13,41 EUR
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