• Colour:  purple
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  heart
  • Size:  7cm x 5cm

Colorful hearts with jewelry decorations from our collection Colors of Peacock Feathers are very popular and are eagerly bought.

These small glass baubles wonderfully complement and enliven various color compositions. Thanks to their rich and elegant decorations, they are also perfect for Christmas gifts. The seriousness of the heart shape as a symbol and medium of content is here broken with cheerful and vivid colors, which is in opposition to the traditional scarlet color.

The favorite colors of our little heart baubles are green, turquoise, cornflower blue or lilac. In turn, the color of the heart, which we recommend here, is dominated by the shade of intense shiny violet. The dominance of this color is broken by the colors of the decorations on the bauble: gold of varnish rays and shiny rainbow crystals.

8,78 EUR
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