• Colour:  turquoise
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  diameter 10cm

It is difficult to choose, which of the qualities of the glass Christmas tree bauble presented here we would like to recommend to you in the first place – whether the extremely original colour or a great decoration.

The Amber rosette Christmas tree bauble really deserves to be appreciated in terms of everything!
The bauble has a traditional ball shape and is made of glass. It is covered with a matt varnish in a vivid turquoise colour. The background is contrasted with complex and detailed decoration in shades of amber, from light yellow, through honey shade, to the colour of strong tea. The decoration is symmetrical, with a central rosette of glass ambers, surrounded by a brocade delicate design. Please also note the delicate elongated ornaments decorating the sides of our bauble. They are made with the same colourful brocades and are also illuminated by the central glass amber.

13,41 EUR
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